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Sep. 30th, 2010

[In the area around the inn, there's a new addition to the wildlife.]

[It seems to be a parrot...]

[If a parrot were crossbred with a small carnosaur and an archaeopteryx on acid, given long curving horns, and made the size of a small pickup.]

[The parrot is currently apparently napping, curled around the base of a tree that seems to have very sickly looking fruit with ... are those faces? Naah, just a trick of the light...]
[Your local vampire is just hanging out at the sadly empty Casa de Colorblind hut. Although she doesn't seem to be there for resting, but rather to pace back and forth outside muttering to herself.]

Stupid, just stupid...!! Getting trapped like that AGAIN, but...

... You know, as far as I'm concerned, I don't believe there's any other vampire on the island aside from me. Well, except that other man. Can't recall seeing him around lately either though. Sion and Satsuki are both gone... Well, not my problem anymore. It was a bit tiresome keeping an eye on those two.

Shiki, do you want the hut to yourself? I'm willing to find a new place since Satsuki's gone so I don't have a reason to stay with you.


You have entered daretobestupid
more moe moe: You know what bothers me? BL.
more moe moe: Boys Love. It's just so... wrong! It totally goes against the creators intent...
more moe moe: even if the latent subtext is totally obvious to anyone who reads...
more moe moe: It-- it spawns ridiculous fanworks
more moe moe: that I put on my list to buy at C*miket every year...
more moe moe: that have no basis in canon...
more moe moe: It's-- it's annoying to watch! They should just... stay out of the-- the--


more moe moe:You other lucky people must have gotten easy dares! ( ̄~ ̄;)
Has... has anyone seen my sword?

It... he...? has a legend.

It began in the 12th century.

I hate this place sometimes...

Arcana XXV

*Today in some nice, open, regularly passed through area... There is Minato! Minato with a gun Evoker. One that he has raised to the side of his head. Without even so much as a warning or reason, he is pulling the trigger!*


*cue a tiny blonde haired girl in a blue dress appearing in front of him for a moment, doing a tiny twirl, then vanishing as soon as she came. Something may have gloriously lit on fire as she appeared, but hey, that's up to you.*

... that wasn't so hard.
[So one week ago from this day was moe note.]

[Since then, a certain detective has been gone from the room he shares with others from his world. (As well as the other detective, a certain witch, and the witch detective from their homes.) But right now, it's the tiny one.]

[He's suddenly back in his room, in his bed, in bloodstained clothes with pretty big holes in the front and back. Like something had run him through.]

[And his eyes snap open and he jerks up. He looks around frantically. It's still early, just past dawn.] This isn't.... [And he's scrambling for the calendar, looking at the date.] It's been a WEEK?!

[Sorry roommates. That's a rather rude wake up call for you. And probably anyone in the inn. He's kind of distressed.]
[ There's a speaker box lodged smack in the middle of a tree. To many, this device would seem confusing and foreign, but it has a very clear purpose. ]

Yo, I'll take a couple'a cheeseburgers, hold th'onions, two big fries an' don't forget the ketchup, and uhh... big freakin' milkshake. Ya got all that?

[ A vine lowers a paper bag from the tree! ]

Hey, thanks -- Wait, you forgot my milkshake, asshole!

Sep. 24th, 2010

[Out on a table there is tea. Lots of cups and lots of tea. The smell should be therapeutic after those long days of trying to recover from HORRIBLE memories. Or you've just had a tired day on island and would like to relax with a hot cup of Earl Grey or Assam.]


Who here feels like they've gone insane? Surprisingly? After three years, I still feel rather at ease.

Um, this might sound like a weird question, but... Aha, considering what happened recently, I was wondering, and--


What does love mean to you?
[See Stein. See Stein sigh. Sigh, Stein, sigh.

And now see him as he repeatedly bangs his forehead against a well-placed coconut tree and prays for a swift death.

He thought he was gone for good. But no. Nono. I'm not that nice to him.]



These guys may be mixed up in the group too. They are generally very annoying and will bother anyone they come across and fly into people's hair. ]
[ In front of the inn, there is a neat little table set up with a nice little boy in front of it. He's all smiles and good feelings and it looks like he would probably jump out of his seat to give you a hug if needed! ]

Um, excuse me? Hello there! Would you mind helping me with a project I'm working on? I want to keep a population list of the island-- yes, I know that's difficult with the frequent arrivals and disappearances, but I'm doing a little research on the rate of how people come and go.

Please just sign your name here, and then you can be on your way. I'd greatly appreciate it.

[ MOE NOTE POST. Kinda earlyish but I don't know if I am going out later. A few notes: For characters who are already used to how this works, there is no book. Jay ripped a few pages out, so right now it really does just look like there is nothing but harmless pieces of paper in front of him. Also, in most cases, he will already know your character's name because it's in his nature to go around and stalk to at least find that out. The asking them to sign is really just to keep up appearances, so if your character is one to not help with this type of research, he would just write their name down on his own.

Just reply to your partner's thread. If they haven't replied to the post yet, feel free to make it yourself. Jay won't be replying to anything except for Ling so assume that he thanked you afterward. You can say the effects of the Moe Note kicked in anytime you want. NOT SIGNED UP YET? Please continue to use the sign-up post for that. You can backtag as much as you want, etc. ]

✎ 005

[At some convenient place where everyone seems to have gathered... idk be imaginative]

So, if you guys were stuck here with only one person, who would you want that person to be and why? Just one, okay? Ha ha! If you're a group of three with promises of being friends forever, sucks to be you! ♪

I hope this'll give me something good.

[ooc; threadhop away!]

29th Trick - Skies of farewell

*So tonight is a quiet, almost romantic night. However, that's going to change. If you're checking out the night skies, you're going to be seeing multiple fireworks flying around in all sorts of directions.*

*And if you are passing by a certain, unoccupied hut, you'll find the source! There's going to be a crowboy standing on top of it and acting as if he's a conductor in an orchestra. Yes, he is manipulating the direction of the fireworks. And that hut he is standing on? It's Sion's little evil island laboratory.*

Man, I can't believe I had to screw around with her crazy chemicals... Even all of her notes were left behind, too.

... You're not here to see this, but I'll end things with a bang. See you later.
[ If you decided to take a nice long walk on the beach today, you may come across a figure lying on the sand. In one hand that's uplifted toward the sky is a Keyblade, and he seems to be staring very intently at it.


After a moment, it disappears from his hand as he brings his arm down and sighs.

Do you bother him? Y/N/Triangle? ]

[ ooc: After over a week of searching, he finally gave in to the fact that Sora went home. )8 ]
[Out near the Ar Tonelico house, you would hear sounds of drilling, welding and even some hammering. Upon closer inspection, you'd see Lyner pulling on some rope to lift up a large wall from the ground onto the foundation he made on the ground thanks to the whatever tools and items he found left over in the Flay cave]

Aaaand there we go! Now that’s all three walls done! Whew! I guess taking a break from the other place did do me some good after all. Now I just gotta do something about having a sturdy roof that isn’t exactly wood but allows me to have some air to go through... well I’ve grathmelded and made harder things before so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem... I hope.

[So what is Lyner’s new project? A D.I.Y. made garage.]
[ A very familiar shorty is standing on the wet sand, staring at what appeared to be an island. He was in Makai, and he made sure that it was Makai, but at the moment, this place wasn't the Makai and definitely not Ningenkai. He wasn't happy, that's for sure. He didn't like unexpected things or surprises. This was definitely a surprise that he was not looking forward to at all. He wondered if this was Koenma's doing.... certainly it would be something that the baby prince would do. He didn't doubt it.

He didn't dwell on it too much, unfazed as always, he started to walk down the sandy path, and trying to pick out his companions. It didn't take very long, but he was starting to pick up brief energy lengths. The unfamiliarity of this place could use some adjusting here, but he wasn't prepared to get comfortable. ]

I'm not in the mood to play jokes. This better not be your doing, Koenma. I certainly won't let it slide easily.

[ He mused in a low tone as he kept walking. He's clearly taking in all the surrounding areas. ]

[ ooc: sorry lame intro post, but yeah have at short stuff. he's a bit irritated. ]

Sep. 15th, 2010

[And somewhere on the Island ...]

[Well, you may get the strange feeling you're being watched.]

[But there's no-one there.]

[Of course there isn't.]

[Just you and the Island ... right?]

You know.

I'd like to not die in a game for once. I mean, that was Disney. That was the best chance I had!

[ FOURTH WALL BREAKING POST. Not in the bring-all-your-character-journals way, but in a canon cast commentary way. Your characters probably will not remember this post after it happens! ]

Sep. 14th, 2010

[There is a boy walking around in ragged clothes, looking tired and with a bunch of injuries]

Man, that sure was rough...! Fighting a bear was harder than I anticipated.


So, while we're all on the trend of asking each other random questions...

... what do you do when you think about someone from home?
You know, I might just regret this, but...

Hey! You over there! Tell me about yourself! I need to know more people, so let's start with you!

((Come on people let's DO something!))


[You might have been typing something, searching something on the Island net, or just fiddling with your desktop! All of a sudden, you get an invitation to play a game—Island MMORPG! Shut up, I am not creative.

WELL, WHATEVER REASON YOUR CHARACTER MAY HAVE, they might just be playing an MMORPG and seeing this scene.]

[OOC: Treat this as a regular action post but online?? Think of the game as some random MMO with a mix of all... other MMOs out there dlsjgld. Use chat speak, smileys, what have you. Just go "handle > blah blah" so there is a format .__.;;; Yeaahh :x Threadhop!]

It's training time!

[Somewhere in a convenient location with a vast space and a lone tree is one redhead doing violent things to a makeshift punching bag, which is tied around a sturdy branch. What kind of things? A jab with her left fist, a swing kick, a jab with her right fist, a roundhouse kick, a couple of alternating punches, some dodging and other self-defense moves.

And once she's done, she backs away and lets the bag sway from side to side.]

Hah... hah... There, that should do it! About time I get my body's strength up and going!

[... Oops, she's definitely not alone.]

Since when did I have spectators?
This is bad.

[ There's an ominous look on his face as he glances back and forth. Nervous beads of sweat have formed, fists are clenched, and he is completely and utterly still. ]





Sep. 3rd, 2010

[Arika's walking on the beach, a bit of her dress's skirt lifted and pinned so it won't get wet when she walks a little out to where the tide's coming in. The wet sand feels good between her toes, and the water's cool when it laps over her feet. It's...somewhat therapuetic.]



... hey, where is everyone today?
less than 5 seconds ago from Echofon

or it would be if you guys were scandalous at all!! ( ̄へ ̄)
3 minutes ago from Echofon

and it looks like I have everyone added on default... this could be useful ー(>ω<*)ノノ
5 minutes ago from Echofon

aha!! you got a microblogging site while I was gone
7 minutes ago ago from Echofon

[ooc; TWEETER POST. Click the link to see an example/what they're all about! ]

second trace

*Guess what you'll find Shirou doing on this wonderful day?

Cleaning! Or cooking. It will depend on the time of the day. During meal times Shirou will be serving up culinary goodness in the inn's kitchen; during non food hours Shirou will be cleaning the inn from top to bottom. You might even find him cleaning the roof at a certain point in the day...

Dare to come say hi? Maybe offer to help him out? Or create messes for him to clean up? It's all on you Island.*

11: The Spiral and the Etude

[Three days of not being able to practice the piano made Ayumu pretty stressed. Your character may just be out at this time of day, or night, and he or she might pass by the church.

Someone's playing the piano.

Day or night, pick one, really. Because he's been there the entire time.]

... one more.

[ooc; I am playing some gay video game so tags might be slow :D]

Aug. 31st, 2010

[Being the proper detectives they are, Hakuba and Conan did not return right away from the camp event, instead choosing to remain at the other Island for a short time to investigate the disappearance of Leonidas because the awesome exit was far too suspicious NOT to investigate.]

[....of course, since they lost any REGULAR clothing to parts unknown thanks to culprit unknown, they were left in certain outfits until their return on Tuesday. They're a bit worse for wear and there's some left over paint and dirt, but the outfits are what they are.]

[Which is right now, as the boys are return via broomstick by Belldandy, who, being Belldandy, didn't think they might like different outfits. Thus are now just touching down in front of the inn in those special outfits.]

Thanks, Belldandy-san!

It was no trouble. I have to go start dinner now. [And thus she's off to go do that.]

[But the boys are still there to be gawked at before they can make it back to their rooms for proper clothes.]

((OOC: Hakuba and Conan will both be replying. And just so you know, Conan is in cute outfit and Hakuba is in sexy one.))


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