The ISLAND RP Moderators (modlanders) wrote in i_s_l_a_n_d_rp,
The ISLAND RP Moderators

[ And so, the sun sets on another beautiful day on the island.

A large 'HAPPILY MARRIED' banner is draped across the end of the Titanic, sitting magnificently in the dock, good as new. The gorilla boat crew is quick and happy to reassure you there are no icebergs on the path of its maiden voyage.

You feel at ease, being in the hands of the good and talented captain. In the aftermath of it all, you are shore you're leaving the island a better person, the island might have been a beach at times, but altogether, maybe it wasn't so bad, even though it'll be enough weirdness to tide you over for a while, before you make waves back...

... But for now, you think you'll enjoy the buffet and the sandwhichisthere, and maybe bid some final, final goodbyes.

Happy sails ♥ ]
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