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That one crack RP with too many underscores. TOH!

Some islands are more equal than others

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ISLAND: Multifandom Crack RP
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"People here give up after a while, they just become content with survival. People adapt in the only ways they can, but I was never one for settling down.

I don't know what you're going to do. Are you going to settle down, or are you gonna live like me?"

- Continued here.
A weird little phenomenon is occuring in a group of islands, off somewhere in the Pacific. People are disappearing all over during their daily activities/routines, only to be found on this island, with no idea how they got here! Was it a wormhole? A Bermuda Triangle situation gone wrong? A dimensional warp? Nobody knows, and who cares?! You're on this island now! There's no way to get to this island by boat, plane, or any other means of transportation, so that also means no likely means of escape. Better start figuring out where to sleep tonight.

Island is a panfandom, semi-crack roleplay based in a tropical island in god-knows-where. A vacation for some, a burden for others, the island is a mystery and like it or not, you're a part of its Scooby gang. Go on, take a coconut. Relax with us.

Just don't piss off the dingoes.

The game has been closed. Therefore, applications are closed!

Your mods have been melts, tehkev, lassos and moulin.

air gear, all things bara, ar tonelico, bleach, bootleg goods, catnip!!!, crack, disgaea, doctor who, francy rulez #1, fullmetal alchemist, fullmetal panic!, get off sephy's lawn, horrible beach parties, incomprehensible family trees, island pms, jo rulez #1, kingdom hearts, ling's rolls, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, melons, moebots, money!!1111!11, more crack, more rp, multifandom, oh god the dingoes, otter kingdom, persona, phoenix wright, riku's manly hairy legs, rolotarou, rozen maiden, rp, seve is a man!?, seve keysmash, shugo chara!, sonic the hedgehog, stop invading the titanic, tales of, the sales the sales, this is not college, toh!, tsundere francy and jo, type-moon, wife and futons, yama topped by walls

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